Dassey Hopes Dashed, More Ear Hustling, & Making a Mogul

Dassey Hopes Dashed, More Ear Hustling, & Making a Mogul

As David Lee Roth said, "I heard you missed us. We're back." A one-week break gives us plenty of time to listen to stuff. And catch up on the latest news from the world of true crime.

We circle back for a listen to the sophomore installment of "Ear Hustle." Thank you Lt. Sam Robinson for approving this story.

(And you can click here to watch that Today Show segment about Ear Hustle that Rebecca mentioned!)

Lara reports on the whirling dervish that is the Brendan Dassey appeal. He wins. He loses. He loses again. The "Making a Murderer" supporting player isn't going anywhere soon. Will the state give him is court-ordered re-trial or just appeal to higher and higher courts? (Sound familiar, Adnan?)

Next we look at Gimlet's new podcast, "Mogul." It tells the story of hip-hop executive Chris Lighty - the most important musical figure you've never heard of. The podcast is part biography/part hip-hop history lesson. Is Lighty's life story strong enough to carry this series and can the podcast appeal to listeners unfamiliar with his music?

In Crime of the Week: A Florida man sits on a gun and then exactly what you'd guess happens.

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