OJ Gets Out, Game of Thrones Groans, Breakdown Returns, A Trace Review

OJ Gets Out, Game of Thrones Groans, Breakdown Returns, A Trace Review

So that happened...OJ Simpson got early release for his 2007 Las Vegas robbery conviction. After watching the "Parole Hearing of the Century," what do the Crime Writers think? Should the parole board have considered his past arrest in that infamous double murder case when making their decision?

Since every other podcast is talking about Game of Thrones this week, we ask Toby to give his take on HBO's swords-and-sex mega-hit. Only problem is...he hasn't watched the first six seasons, so his WTF perspective is completely fresh.

Let's travel below The Gnat Line with the new season of "Breakdown." Bill Rankin is back with a new tale of systemic breakdowns in the GA legal system. Episode one laid out the case of Devonia Inman. Does his focus on the players and not the game leave us intrigued enough to keep listening?

Next we take a deep dive in the four-part podcast from the Australian Broadcast Company, "Trace." It's "Accused" meets "The Keepers." A woman was killed in her bookstore in 1980. The parish priests, one of whom molested her disabled son, were publicly hostile toward her. The panel weighs in on whether his cold case miniseries has enough "there" there to hold our interest.

In the Crime of the Week - manscaping could have prevented this tragedy.

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