True Crime & Wine, Disappointing Verdicts, & Raccoon Badassery

True Crime & Wine, Disappointing Verdicts, & Raccoon Badassery

Love mail galore as listeners weigh in on Ear Hustle, Toby's dog-like voice, and listening to our show during the most important moments of their lives (really!). Then, our take on the not-so surprising (but still upsetting) verdicts in the trials of Bill Cosby and Jeronimo Yanez, the cop that killed Philando Castille.

In the back half, we look at a documentary that even Lara Bricker's fire chief husband enjoyed, Sour Grapes on Netflix. This tale of a high-end wine con man had us asking - do we give a crap when a smart guy bilks a Koch brother out of millions of dollars?

And in our Crime of the Week, a Maine woman is more badass than we could ever hope to be.

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