We Talk About 'Missing Richard Simmons' AND That 'Up and Vanished' True Crime Update!

We Talk About 'Missing Richard Simmons' AND That 'Up and Vanished' True Crime Update!

Can you feel the love tonight? The Crime Writers can. 

Plus, the gang dives in to the breaking news about an arrest in the Tara Grinstead case - that's the one featured in the "Up and Vanished" podcast.

At the time of our recording, it was unclear what role the podcast played in Ryan Duke's arrest, but did Payne Linsey's grandmother actually know more than the cops did?

Next, Rebecca interviews Missing Richard Simmons creator Dan Taberski about why he was drawn to the vanishing of everyone's favorite flamboyant exercise guru. 

Then the Crime Writers review the podcast: Is it ethical to chronicle someone's withdrawal from public life? What makes Simmons's story so uniquely compelling? Why did someone who gave support to so many individuals seemingly turn his back on them? Also, Kevin recalls his own professional interactions with Richard Simmons.

Bonus material: Here's the video clip Rebecca mentions of Richard leaving the Howard Stern Show in tears. 

In the Crime of the Week: a squirrel plays guard dog by going spider monkey on a cat burglar. 


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