Out Like Serial's Flynn, Etan's Legacy, and Shadow of Truth

Out Like Flynn, Etan's Legacy, and Shadow of Truth

In a jam-packed episode, the panel drinks the hater-aid as they read some of their correspondence. Rebecca name drops her fill-in gig on Slate's "Mom & Dad Are Fighting" podcast - which, ironically, is what the Lavoie-Flynn kids call "Crime Writers On!"

A figure from Serial Season 2 makes a cameo, a certain general who made the adamant assertion that any soldier wounded in Afghanistan can be linked to Bowe Bergdahl's rescue mission. 

And, after waiting almost 40 years for a conviction, the crime writers take a thoughtful dive into the famous Etan Patz kidnapping case. It was more than just the crime that put kids' faces on milk cartons - it was the social turning point in how parents perceived the safety of their children.

In our review segment, the crew goes around the horn on whether or not you should check out the Israeli documentary "Shadow of Truth," now available on Netflix. This four-part subtitled mini-series looks at the sensational murder of a teenage girl, the questionable investigation into the convicted killer, and the rabid public fan base that trolls the Internet seeking alternative suspects. (Kind of sounds like a certain American podcast we've listened to...)

Then, in the Crime of the Week, the cops give a fugitive a tumble...and a spin.

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