Bowe Bergdahl's Court Win & The SWAT Team Controversy

Bowe Bergdahl's Court Win & The SWAT Team Controversy

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When news broke last week that Bowe Bergdahl's legal team had scored a victory in his case, we weren't sure we understood exactly what happened. So, Kevin reached out to our trusty military legal eagle James Weirick for a quick run-down. As a bonus, we get confirmation that Weirick is, in fact, the manliest man to ever man-up.

Also, the PBS documentary Peace Officer hooked us in but also left us with some questions. As we tackle those, we also wonder, WTF is our local PD doing with a tank?

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Plus, Lara gets corrected correctly, we answer a couple of listener inquiries, and the Crime of the Week it EVER too late to hand out some justice?


Audio will be available at midnight EST on 5.14.2016


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Crime of the Week: 71 year old fugitive caught 50 years after his escape.