Bowraville - The Podcast from a Land Down Under

Bowraville - The Podcast from a Land Down Under

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This week, the panel talks about Bowraville, the true crime podcast created by The Australian newspaper. (Scroll down to listen!) Rebecca also connects with Dan Box, the Brit-turned-Aussie who reported the story, and asks, why is your newspaper being called the "unlikely hero" of this never-solved serial murder case? (A has a little something to do with Rupert Murdoch!)

Also, we tackle some listener queries, and play a voice memo simply because one of you asked us to. As for the crime of the week? Let's just say it puts a new twist on the trustworthiness of babysitters.

Listen to the episode:


You can listen to Bowraville on the playlist below, or click here to subscribe to The Australian podcast and get the episodes on iTunes.

Also, Rebecca and Lara talked about an awesome book, The Round House, by Louise Erdich.