Breakdown's Breakdown and British Crime's Dark Side

Breakdown's Breakdown & British Crime's Darker Side 

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Just when we were getting ready to see how Justin Ross Harris's trial in the baby-in-the-hot-car homicide would play out, a twist no one saw coming. This means an unexpected hiatus for the "Breakdown" podcast and questions about media influence on the justice system.

We get to know Dr. Elizabeth Yardley, a criminologist at Birmingham City University in England. She's studied how Serial fans used Reddit to interact with Hae's and Adnan's families, as well as look at the digital fingerprints criminals are leaving on social media. Plus, we talk about what British audiences like when it comes to crime drama.

We should have seeing the signs in the Crime of the Week. One NY mayor helped his village's street department out by taking home some "office supplies" from this day job. 

Subscribers to the CWO newsletter (both American and beyond) have been sharing some of their favorite British crime stories with us.

Writing from Pennsylvania, Breanne’s favourite (see was we did there?) is Grantchester: Hot priest turns sleuth. Women swoon.

Lily from Portland, ME says we should check out Robbie Coltrane in Cracker: Haggrid uses his giant brain to bust those who must not be named.

Vicki from Calgary wants us to tune in to River: He’s smart. He haunted. Maybe you don’t begin a conversation with him by saying, “How ya doing?”

Sian from Scotland wants us to see The Fall: It’s Scully chasing serial killers instead of aliens.

Jacqueline, a Brit living in Florida, loves Broadchurch: Flawed cop pisses off everyone in town looking for a boy’s killer.

Jane, another ex-pat living in NY, recommends Scott & Bailey: It’s “Cagney & Lacey,” if Cagney and Lacey were from Manchester and were turned on by blood splatter patterns.

Philippa from the UK wants us to see the BBC’s Line of Duty: It’s a police unit that tracks down corrupt cops, bad bobbies and pilfering peelers.

Dan from Wrexham UK votes for Idris Elba’s Luther. It’s Stringer Bell from “The Wire,” only he’s a good guy and talks in his own accent.

Sarah from Sydney wants you to see Happy Valley: Spoiler alert: Ain’t nobody happy in Happy Valley.

Susan from Edgewater, Maryland says you can’t beat Helen Mirren in Prime Suspect: It’s the Queen flushing out Jacks and Jokers.

Jan in Australia recommends the long-running Midsomer Murders: It’s the deadliest rural location since Cabot Cove.

Shana from Michigan makes the case for the Australian show Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: Set in the Roaring 1920s, it’s Miss Marple meets The Great Gatsby.

Among Cass from Sydney’s many picks is Blue Murder: Single mom fights crime while still getting the kids to cricket practice.