S2 Ep 10.5: JAGged Little Pill, Your Questions, & A People Vs. OJ Breakdown

JAGged Little Pill, Your Questions, & A People Vs. OJ Analysis

It's yet another a super long episode! (Sorry about that.)

But hey, at least there are t-shirts you guys can buy. Here's the link to those

For civilians, is there something about Serial Season 2 that neither we nor Sarah fundamentally get?

Rebecca and Kevin have a talk with JAG Lt Col James Weirick (ret), one of the hosts of the Task and Purpose Radio podcast. Weirick shares his take on Bowe, how the legal case against him is playing out, and what military listeners are saying about Serial Season 2. He also confesses to stalking Sarah Keonig in a "non-criminal" way.

We also answer a few listener questions (including one from Michael Jackson's old house!) and Kevin makes yet another terrible transition into our sponsor's ads. There's also a meaty discussion about our latest TV obsession, "The People vs OJ Simpson." What started as a cheesy, escapist miniseries has become a riveting character study - and maybe a feminist manifesto?.

So a guy walks into a sushi bar with a giant snake.  And he says, "This sounds like it could be the Crime of Week." Let the good times maki roll. 

Listen to the episode: