S2 Ep 11: Reporting For The End (of Serial Season 2)

Reporting For The End (of Serial Season 2)

After eleven episodes, Sarah and team tapped out of season two. In "Present for Duty," the Serial squad does some solid enterprise reporting into whether anyone was actually killed or wounded in efforts to recover Bowe.

While saving judgement on the season as a whole until next week, the panel breaks down the series finale. Did Ken Wolf's declaration make a difference in the minds of those who want the maximum punishment for Bowe Bergdahl? Do the fates of Jimmy Hatch and Matt Allen make it harder to forgive Bowe for his actions?

The Crime of Week is a shocker! A NC man gets arrested because of an overdue video rental. Please be kind and rewind.

Listen to the episode:


Here's more on the case that Lara mentioned of the guy who gave a whole of people Hepatitis

And here are two links (one and two) about the research into brain wiring of liberals and conservatives - something Rebecca mentioned in the show