S2 Ep 10: We Never Promised You A Rose Garden - Serial Season 2

We Never Promised You A Rose Garden

The Crime Writers dissect almost every aspect of Serial, Season 2, Episode 10, "Thorny Politics." It gets so deep that Rebecca feels the need to include extra out-takes for comic relief.

Plus, Kevin explains what a "news fixer" is and makes a better-than-last-week transition into our ads, Rebecca asks whether or not public radio reporters are SO committed to journalistic neutrality that they only talk to Republicans, we hear what a traffic report in New Hampshire would have sounded like a decade ago, and the panel discusses a Crime of the Week designed for the twenty-five percent.

Listen to the episode:



Here's the New York Times article that gets mentioned about twelve times during this episode

An Atlantic story about news fixers and how they decide which crimes you actually hear about on network TV

Rebecca mentioned this reddit thread in which a user made a comment about Sarah Koenig's use of sources and public radio's reporters' fear of being seen as "liberal shills"

The Crime of the Week: An Alabama man faces charges for stealing almost $200,000 in quarters, which weighed about 10,000 pounds.