Crime Writers on Crime Writers. A Surprise Live "Crime Bake" Show.

Crime Writers on Crime Writers. A Surprise Live "Crime Bake" Show.

A Serial spinoff?! A verdict in the Breakdown / Justin Ross Harris case! Brendan Dassey can go home, and then he can't!

All great topics to talk about, right?

Sorry to say we're not going to get to any of those this week. That's because we pre-recorded this episode at the New England Crime Bake, a convention for crime & mystery writers, on Saturday. Who would have thought all this good stuff would happen after we wrapped?

("So you'll get to it next week, right guys? The week of Thanksgiving?" Well, about that...)

In this live recording, the podcasting crime writers tell a room of nonpodcasting crime writers about Lara's cat's chlamydia, how we got started writing, and answer some listener emails and tweets. (Kevin's a hater? Says who?)

Later, we pluck a writer from the crowd. We ask Maureen Milliken her about her work and boy, does she deliver!

And this week's Crime of the Week is awwwww-ful.


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