Serial Season 3 News? Sort Of. And What's Different About Up and Vanished?

Serial Season 3 News? Sort Of. And What's Different About Up and Vanished? 

Breaking: Lara's cat has a super weird disease! For real.

Some maybe-news about Serial Season 3 has us theorizing. Was Kevin super, duper wrong when he said Sarah Koenig would never do a true crime story again?

Plus, we get a whole lot of listener email and tweets about what podcasts we should be listening to and talking about.

One of the podcasts we’ve had pimped to us the most often lately is the hit show "Up and Vanished," an investigative podcast about the 2005 disappearance of Ocilla Georgia Beauty queen Tara Grinstead.

But before we get into our discussion about Up and Vanished, we'll first listen in to Rebecca's conversation with someone who knows a little bit about that show - its host and creator Payne Lindsey. Even if you haven't heard the podcast, you should listen to this interview.

And, Toby apologizes to a nation. And our Crime of the Week strikes pretty damn close to home.

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