Serial Scoop? Breakdown Conviction! Undisclosed Up Close! And Missing & Murdered

So many gifts for true crime fans this holiday season, as a new batch of podcasts are hitting the charts. Where to begin...where to begin?

First, the panel drops a ton of true crime updates. These include a last-minute order keeping Brendan Dassey in prison, a verdict in Breakdown's Justin Ross Harris case, and a newspaper editorial calling for a pardon for Bowe Bergdahl. Plus, Rebecca parties-hearty with the team from Undisclosed and Addendum

The most exciting news comes from "Serial" co-creator Julie Snyder who says their team will be dropping a new seven-week podcast in March. No, it's not Serial season three, but it sounds like a compelling story nonetheless - and Rebecca's got a decent theory as to who will be telling it.

Then we dive into the CBC's investigation of the Alberta Williams case, "Missing & Murdered." Set on an island fishing town off the coast of British Columbia, this podcast looks at a cold case from 1989, and the cop (and reporter) who's not afraid to name names. Bonus: Rebecca interviews host Connie Walker about making the podcast!

Finally, we go all "Hidden Tiger, Crouching Dragon" in the Crime of the Week.

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