An S-Town lawsuit, an In The Dark tragedy, and a Sharp Objects Review

An S-Town lawsuit, an In The Dark tragedy, and a Sharp Objects Review

While Toby broadcasts from a beautiful island lake house, the rest of the panel sweats it out to bring you another episode of Crime Writers On with a brand new logo!

There are true crime updates galore:

We talk about the MD Court of Appeals granting cert in the continuing post-conviction struggles of Serial's Adnan Syed.

Curtis Flower's mother passed away and we reflect on the meaning of injustice within injustice.

Plus, the "estate" of John McLemore is suing "S-town" for violating his privacy. Legally, morally, ethically - do they have a leg to stand on?

We talk about HBO's new prestige drama "Sharp Objects." As much a character study as it is a crime mystery, will the star-driven adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel thrill fans like “Gone Girl” or leave them disappointed like “True Detective" season 2?

Plus, we give the Granite State some summer tourism plugs this week with shout-outs to Story Land, Santa's Village, and Clark's Trading Post (with the dancing bears and the Wolfman who shoots a gun at you).


Then in crime of the week: blow it up your ass.


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