A hot review of 30 for 30's "Bikram," Adnan Syed responds, and an "In the Dark" recantation

A hot review of 30 for 30's "Bikram," Adnan Syed responds, and an "In the Dark" recantation

More paper pasted this week in the Adnan Syed case. The defense has filed its conditional cross-petition. It basically says, "Hey state supreme court, don't take this case. But if you do, we got some stuff over here we want to talk about."

This week's "In the Dark" buries the needle on the Brickter-scale. Listen how Cookie's story crumbles.

The crime writers break out the leotards and sweatbands for the hot hot-yoga docu-pod "30 for 30: Bikram." Julia Lowrey Henderson tells the rise of Bikrim Choudhury, peels back the veneer of his self-created myth, and gets into the many allegations of sexual misconduct.

In Crime of the Week: done and dusted.


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