Evil Genius! That HBO Adnan Syed Documentary! Miracle Whip! And More In the Dark!

There are true crime updates this week in the Adnan Syed case. First, prosecutors have decided to ask Maryland's highest court to review the previous rulings granting Adnan a new trial. Second, HBO has announced a documentary about the case is in the works. They promise new information and the first interviews with Adnan since "Serial."

We discuss episode four of "In the Dark." Something's fishy about those jailhouse confessions.

Speaking of confessions, Kevin admits he's always wanted to try the tangy taste of Miracle Whip. With three naysayers listening on, he takes his first bites.

Moving on...the crime writers go over the Netflix documentary "Evil Genius." A man robs a bank with a bomb locked around his neck. Who was the mastermind beyond the elaborate plot? Does the series give short shrift to the characters' mental illnesses? And does the story maintain the momentum of it's compelling beginning?


Then a vintage crime of the week: step right up.



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