S2 Ep 8.5: Bowe's Brain, Loose Story Threads, & Listener Questions - Serial Season 2

Bowe's Brain, Loose Story Threads, & Listener Questions

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The Crime Writers pick at some loose threads from Serial's recent episodes, and talk with an actual expert on about how Bowe's personality disorder may have led to his walking away but also helped him cope with five years in captivity.

Plus, Toby's away! But we have an able-bodied PT Stud sitting in his place, reporter and Outside/In podcast host Sam Evans-Brown.

Also, the Crime of the Week puts the Crime Writers on the spot when it comes to internet sleuthing.

Listen to the episode:


Here's that Daily Mail article about the girlfriend Bowe Bergdahl had when he walked away.

Remember when Sam Evans-Brown said he "wasn't that fast" a runner? Yeah, he's a liar. Check out the results of this 2014 5K in Concord, NH, in which nearly 3,000 people participated. Spoiler alert: he placed 7th.