S2 Ep7/8: Hindsight, in Two Episodes - Serial Season 2

S2 Episodes 7 and 8: Hindsight, in Two Episodes - Serial Season 2

The Crime Writers dissect the most interesting aspects of this week's 2-part Serial Season 2 release, 'Hindsight.' Highlights include Rebecca's unprecedented disagreement with Sarah Koenig, Toby's astute analysis of "slippery slope," the over-use of the word "hippie," and a the beginning of a feline face-off.

Plus, the Crime of the Week - and a special surprise we've all been waiting for right in the middle of the ep. 



Toby talked about white supremacists being let into the military on special wavers. Here's some reporting on that.

Additional episode scoring music from Jahzzar, via the Free Music Archive.