S2 Ep 5.5 Mega Show: Kratz's Book, Your Questions, & The Black Tapes Tanis Guys

S2 Ep 5.5 Mega Show: Kratz's Book, Your Questions, & The Black Tapes/Tanis Guys

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It's Serial's off-week, so we turn our attention to the prosecutor you love to hate, Ken Kratz. Will he trump our panel of crime writers by authoring his own book on the Avery case? Then the gang takes listener questions which cover jury views, blood splatter, press conference protocol, and whether the Crime Writers On cast was too hard on Nancy Grace (spoiler: nope).

Rebecca shares her interview with the creators of the hit podcasts "Tanis" and "The Black Tapes," Paul Bae and Terry Miles. They're very Canadian chaps who refuse to break character even when on another podcast. The writers weigh in on what works for these Serial-influenced thriller shows.

The Crime of the Week brings us back to the gridiron, as another football legend is under suspicion just days before the Super Bowl.

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Comedian Jena Friedman Interviews Former Prosecutor Ken Kratz from Making a Murderer