S2 Ep 5: We Zoomed! To Tampa! - Serial Season 2

S2 Ep 5: We Zoomed! To Tampa! - Serial Season 2

Holy cow did this episode take us places! We talk all about Serial's episode 'Meanwhile, In Tampa.'

We also get the lowdown on how Lara would commit murder, hear more on why Rebecca's convinced Obama might show up on Serial, and find out why Toby can relate to super soldier Jason Amerine.

Plus, Kevin gives an inappropriate response to the Crime of the Week.

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Rebecca mentioned reading up on Jason Amerine, the "super soldier" who tried to bring Berdahl home. Here's one story from Bustle about him. 

Lara talked about committing the perfect murder, and here's how she would do it. 

Rebecca and Kevin talked about the documentary called 'Manhunt,' about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. Here's the trailer for that film: