S2 Ep3.5 Bonus: We Talk About 'Making a Murderer'

Serial's holiday break couldn't have been better timed...as the world is going crazy this week over the Netflix 10-part documentary "Making a Murderer." The Crime Writers have been flooded with tweets, posts, and emails asking - nay, DEMANDING - that we talk about it. So, who are we to disappoint all of you? 

(Spoiler alert: if you haven't finished "Making a Murderer," you may want to leave this episode in your feed until you do.)

Find out who is skeptical, who is outraged, and who's been yelling at the TV (hint: it's the former defense investigator). Also, we respond to voice messages left by listeners around the country.

We wrap things up with our Crime of the Week...and a not-so-romantic anniversary card.

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