S2 Ep3 The Escaping Clause

Just in time for Christmas, Serial left this episode in our stocking. It might just be the feel-bad story of the holidays. 

The Crime Writers discuss every aspect of Episode 3 of Serial, including Bowe Bergdahl's twin escape attempts, those propaganda videos, and Bowe's cool affect when recounting his captivity. Also, Lara has a big theory, Toby talks about Mad Dog 20/20, and Kevin makes a HUGE confession. 


Plus, the Crime of Week looks at the scandal involving a lottery official who "won" millions in rigged jackpots (and who single-handedly just ruined Kevin's new book). 


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In Serial's opening montage, we hear brief bits of Bowe Bergdahl pleading for his release . In this extended clip (taken before his second escape attempt), listen to the normally taciture Bowe hold back tears as he talks for two whole minutes about seeing his family, ending the fighting, and releasing all the prisoners of war.