The Mysterious Mr. Epstein & The Missing Cryptoqueen

The Crime Writers get into about book covers. (Guess which one has the worst cover ever?)

In “The Mysterious Mr. Epstein,” host Linsey Graham hopes to fill in the blanks around the infamous investor-to-the-stars’s origin story and how he was able to lure and rape young women with no consequences for so long.

To hear our spoiler-free review of The Mysterious Mr. Epstein, go to 32:34.

BBC Sounds presents an investigation into a multi-million dollar scam involving OneCoin and the disappearance of the cryptocurrency’s founder. Host Jamie Bartlett shows us that Dr. Ruja Ignatova turned her digital money venture into a cult-like phenom.

To hear our spoiler-free review of The Missing Cryptoqueen, go to 1:03:26.

In Crime of the Week: legal dream team.