Disgraceland reviewed, the Pope's final con, & Dassey's SCOTUS appeal

IT'S A CINDERELLA STORY! Thanks to you, we've advanced past the first round of discover pods's Podcast Madness. Thanks for voting. It's on to round two where we will likely face a gangland-style death at the hands of "Crimetown." Nevertheless, we'd appreciate you clicking here and voting in Round Two.

Before we take a week off for school vacation (thank you, children) we'll circle back to some important True Crime Updates. The election to fill the statehouse seat of the late Danny Ray Johnson, subject of the "The Pope's Long Con," was this week...and it wasn't even close. "Making a Murderer"'s Branden Dassey has asked SCOTUS for a Writ of Cert (we'll explain what that means).

The headliner for this show is the rock'n'roll-themed "Disgraceland." No interviews. No investigations. No audio tape. Not even the artists' music. Just a host spinning tales of musicians behaving very badly. Does this new chart-topper hit all the right notes?

In Crime of the Week, it's one thumb down.


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