Serial season 3, episode 5 & The Dream

Serial season 3, episode 5 & The Dream

In Serial episode 5, Pleas Baby Pleas, Sarah brings us inside the prosecutor’s office, giving us a view of what it’s like to be one of too-few prosecutors in a system with too many felonies to prosecute, with some decisions made for justice and some for expediency. But does this episode live up to Serial's promise? The panel is split 3-1.

Then, we review The Dream, a new podcast from Stitcher that looks at the unsavory world of multi-level marketing companies, and the reasons some people get sucked in.

For our review without spoilers, skip to: 1:06:41.

In Crime of the Week: Apple, peaches, pumpkin pie. Who's not ready, holler "I."


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