Can I Get a Show of Black Hands & Let's Binge on Ozark

Casting Call, Black Hands & Ozark Binge

We're ready for our close ups! Our listeners asked and answered the hypothetical question, "If there were a movie about the Crime Writers, who would be cast to play them?" The results are in from #crimewriterscasting. Let's say three out of the four of us are satisfied with the picks.

We grapple with "Black Hands" (see the play on words there?) -  a true crime podcast about New Zealand's Bain family murders. Rather than a re-investigation or reexamination of the case, the ten-part series is a deep, DEEP dive into David Bain's second trial with narrator Martin van Beynen's ultimate argument that the jury got it wrong.

Then we stream our way through Netflix's new series "Ozark." With its comparisons to "Breaking Bad," how does this normal-guy-caught-in-a-web-of-criminal-enterprise TV show stand on its own? Have we seen this before? Or is it a fresh take on the emerging genre?

In the Crime of the Week: the suggestion box is stuffed with requests to do something about the dead people piling up in the break room.

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