Making a Murderer Brendan Dassey SHOCKER! Plus, Bergdahl Update & "The Night Of" Predictions

Another episode, another questionable murder conviction vacated.

The panel reacts to the news that a federal magistrate has vacated the conviction of Brendan Dassey, the accused accomplice in the Steven Avery "Making a Murderer" documentary.

Although the public went nuts over what many perceived to be a coerced confession, it was something else the detectives did to the intellectually-challenged teen that violated his Sixth Amendment rights.

More true crime updates: why did a General burn letters related to "Serial" season 2 subject Bowe Bergdahl? And the man accused of killing Washington intern Chandra Levy is also walking out of prison.

Is Naz breaking bad in "On the Night Of"? What is the audience supposed to think of main characters in the HBO limited series at this point?

In the Crime of the Week: POOPACALYPSE! 

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