S2 Ep 13: Endings are Important! Plus, Our Podcast & Media Picks

Endings are Important! Plus, Our Podcast & Media Picks

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The crime writers respond to a listener's very British rant about the critical nature of endings in a good story, talk about what TV shows totally failed at the end, and settle a long-term marital dispute that's been tearing Kevin and Rebecca apart.

In response to a less swear-filled voice memo (and dozens of listener emails), the panel gives their picks for podcasts, books, and TV worth consuming.

Plus, the Crime of the Week delves in to Australia's long national nightmare and reveals that there's a killer living with one of the panel! Watch out, Toby!!!

Listen to the episode:

Audio will be available after midnight EST on 4.23.16

Our Media Picks:

Rebecca's picks: 

Listen: Embedded podcast & Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People

Read: Silent City by Alex Segura

Watch: The Americans (AKA the BEST SHOW ON TV)

Also check out: Hinterland on Netflix

Toby's Picks:

Listen: You Must Remember This podcast

Read: Of Better Blood by Susan Moger 

Watch: Billions

Also check out: Jodorowsky's Dune (documentary film) and Deep Water (doc film on Netflix)

Lara's Picks:

Listen: Modern Love podcast

Read: Outfoxed by Rita Mae Brown

Watch: Outlander, Season 2

Also check out: Belgravia, by Julian Fellowes

Kevin's Picks:

Listen: Guys We F**cked

Read: The Thin Man by Dashiell Hammett

Watch: Bosch on Amazon Prime

Also check out: Game of Thrones, people!