A FEISTY Split Decision: Should You Listen to This True Crime Podcast?

A FEISTY Split Decision: Should You Listen to This True Crime Podcast?

The CBC's Someone Knows Something is back with a second season.

So should you listen? That's the question the crime writers will try to answer. Spoiler: it's a split decision, with at least one of the panelists (ahem, Kevin) expressing a very passionate opinion.


The good news: host David Ridgen is back for his second interview with Rebecca, and he's really, really awesome. The bad news: after the interview, Kevin Flynn has a meltdown over how much he hates the podcast. It's kind of epic, but at least he feels a little bit bad about it.

Also, we eliminate homework for our listeners...especially for those of you who never do it!

In the Crime of the Week, a Santa-lookalike is kicked out of Six Flags. Grinch move or totes justified?

Listen to the episode:

Programming note: CWO will be off the week of Dec 24 for the Christmas holiday, but will return on New Year's Eve, Dec 31. (No live wedding proposals are planned, we promise.)

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