A Triple True Crime Podcast Bonanza - Phoebe's Fall, Breakdown & In The Dark

Tripped up by Phoebe's Fall, Breakdown's REAL Mission & In The Dark's Enlightenment

So that happened.

Things get back to normal in the Crime Writers' world. They discuss the perils of doing bad accents and explain why they can't do audio book versions of their own books.

A true crime update (add your own echo): Burke Ramsey has followed through on his threat to sue over the CBS special on his sister's murder. Looks like the case will focus on one comment from one person.


Then the focus shifts to the new investigative podcast from Australia, "Phoebe's Fall." We know that Phoebe Handsjuk dropped 12 stories down a garbage chute, crawled out, only to bleed to death from injuries from the trash compactor. Was it a suicide attempt? Was it a drunken misadventure? Or was it something more nefarious? So far, the Crime Writers have mixed opinions. 

Footnote: for another strange how-did-she-get-into-that situation, check out the case of a 21-year-old Chinese tourist who drowned in a hotel water tank.

Checking in with some of the other leading true crime podcasts, in "In The Dark"'s penultimate episode, the Sterns County sheriff is confronted with their pitiful clearance rate. And the trial of Justin Ross Harris is finally underway in "Breakdown."

In the Crime of the Week, don't block a driveway in Australia...even if it's your own. 

NEXT WEEK'S HOMEWORK: From PRX, the new Offshore podcast.

From Partners in Crime Media: a new mystery podcast, "The Disappearance Podcast." If you like "The Black Tapes," and "The Message," you'll want to download this one.

Errata sheet: The link for Grommet in last week's show was wrong. The correct link is www.TheGrommet.com/crimewriters.