Serial Season Two Rumors, Limetown, and What's Missing from the Maura Murray Podcast?

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The Crime Writers respond to rumors that Serial season two will revolve around the Bowe Bergdahl case. While Serial took off thanks to the little-known case of Adnan Syed, can Sarah and company deliver an equally compelling podcast from a story we already (think) we know?

Related: Rebecca mentioned NPR reporter Wade Goodwyn's excellent reporting on Bergdahl. You can listen to one of his stories right here. 

Then, a look at the some other media influenced by "the Serial Effect." Fox is producing a TV show. And the fictional "Limetown" uses Serial's story-telling devices to deliver a (maybe) spooky mystery.

Rebecca interviews producers Lance Reenstierna and Tim Pilleri about their "Missing Maura Murray" podcast. After, Kevin, Toby, and Lara dive into what's missing from the Maura Murray podcast.

Then the Crime of the Week looks at Pope-gate.

Listen to the episode: