Episode 10 Discussion: "The Best Defense is a Good Defense"


Rebecca and Kevin invite special guests and fellow crime writers Lara Bricker and Toby Ball to talk about Episode 10 of Serial: The Best Defense is a Good Defense. Also, the panel catches up on the series, and reveals where they stand on the "did he or didn't he" question.

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Listen to the episode:

Who's Who in 'Crime Writers on Serial':

Rebecca Lavoie is a public radio digital director and radio producer and the co-author of three mass-market true crime books. If you’re flipping through the more obscure channels on your cable lineup late at night, you might see Rebecca talking about crime on one of those docu-journalism TV shows…you know, the kind with names like Deadly Women and Deadly Sins. 

Kevin Flynn is Rebecca's real-life partner in crime and her co-author. Kevin was a long time TV reporter before jumping into crime writing with his first book about serial killer Sheila LaBarre, You can also hear Kevin talking about that case on this episode of the excellent crime podcast Criminal. Among the books Kevin and Rebecca have written together is Our Little Secretwhich they discuss in the episode about "Rumors."  

Special guest panelists:

Lara Bricker is a long-time reporter, freelance writer and the author of the true crime book Lie After Lie. She has also worked as a private detective and a criminal defense investigator. 

Toby Ball is  the author of Invisible Streets and other works of noir and crime fiction. He also works at the Crimes against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire.