Welcome to Toby Ball's Deep Dive Book Club!

Hello! Here are the episodes of our book club podcast: Ball's Deep Dive, hosted by Toby Ball! Scroll below the player to find out how to get the show automatically sent to your podcast app every month!

Want to get the show automatically?

Thanks so much AGAIN for your continuing support of Partners in Crime Media! You now have access to a private RSS feed JUST FOR SUPPORTERS LIKE YOU.

Here is your link to that feed: https://rss.art19.com/crime-writers-extras

Yes, you CAN (probably) listen to Toby’s Book Club and ALL our additional content on your regular podcast app, although not every app supports manually adding RSS feeds.

If not, or if it’s just easier, you can listen to content right here on our Art 19 Page. (We’ll also be sending emails when new content is posted.)
Here’s how to add the feed to your podcast app:

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Apple Podcasts App (iOS)
On the “Library” tab, click “Edit” on the top right-hand side of the screen. Then, tap “Add a Podcast by URL…”In the pop-up, paste our URL and tap “Subscribe.” And that’s it!'

iTunes (Mac & Windows)
Click on “File” in the top left menu. Then select “Subscribe to Podcast…” from the dropdown and paste the feed URL. Click ok and voilà!

Overcast (iOS & Web)
Tap the + button in the top right like you normally would to add a podcast. Then tap “Add URL” in the top right, paste the feed URL and hit done!

Podcast Addict (Android)
Tap the + sign in the top right. Then choose”Add RSS Feed” and paste in the URL of the RSS feed. Tap “Add.”

Downcast (iOS & Mac)
Tap “Add” on the bottom bar, press “Add Podcast Manually” and in the “Feed” field paste the URL of the RSS feed. Then hit “Subscribe” in the top right.

Do you use another app that supports this function? Send us a note, and we’ll be sure to modify the instructions!