Open for Business: Partners in Crime's Podcast Hall of Justice 

It's a closet! No, it's a studio! No, It's a closet! Hey - at least we won't have many moths.

It's a closet! No, it's a studio! No, It's a closet! Hey - at least we won't have many moths.

Now that we're reaching lots and lots of listeners with Crime Writers On, we've been working to set up a mini-studio at home, which will help us create more content and do a better job connecting with people on the fly. It will also help us do more of something else we sometimes do, which is to record and produce podcasts by other people. 

We're almost there - just waiting for an electrician to swing by and install actual outlets because we don't want to die in a terrible electrical fire. 

But in case you're curious as to what it takes to get top (we hope!) quality sound at home, we've made a handy list of what's in our little space.

The Podcast Hall of Justice (formerly known as "Studio C") got its name from a Patreon listener whose support level gave her naming rights. 

One note - the studio is actually set up in a 5x6" cedar closet in our walk-out lower level. (Yup, the "C" in "Studio C" stands for CLOSET.) It's not soundproof - it's almost impossible to make a room soundproof unless you build it that way - but it will contain some panels designed absorb the sounds we make, which is what you actually want when recording audio. 

We bought most of our gear at Rebecca's new favorite online retailer, Broadcast Supply Worldwide, and all the auxiliary items on Amazon. If you're thinking of starting a show of your own, you should check out BSW's more basic, easy-to-set-up and very well-priced podcast packages.

Gear List:

Pro-tip: Label your faders. Makes it easier to mute Kevin on the fly.

Pro-tip: Label your faders. Makes it easier to mute Kevin on the fly.

  • 2 computers, one for ipDTL/Skype and one for recording in Adobe Audition (If you want to connect with one person, ipDTL is amazing, inexpensive, and sounds great)
  • 2 of these INCREDIBLY WELL-PRICED packages from BSW that include the greatest microphone ever made, the EV RE20, shock mount, REPop filter and cable 
  • This Behrenger Xenyx 1002B 6-input interface/board via Amazon for a sweet $99 (Light and enough inputs that even the four of us could do a show in person with it)
  • This Behringer Amp 800 headphone amp
  • Two OC White Boom stands (they go on sale sometimes in pairs, for about $180)
  • Two OC White table clamps
  • 2 pairs of my favorite Sony studio headphones, the MDR7506
  • A USB box that I will have to identify later - my friend (who is giving it to me) still has it
  • Some 3.5mm stereo plugs

Other stuff:

What about Toby and Lara?

We try to record together once every few months, but fellow Crime Writers On panelists Toby and Lara each have a Yeti Blue USB mic and connect with us remotely - and we record them on our end. One tip with the Yeti Blue - watch some YouTube videos on how to actually use this actually sounds pretty good when used properly!

Expansion plans:

  • Two more RE20 mics, shock mounts, and boom stands for podcast taping on the road
  • Some actual hard-wiring (we're powered by a sketch extension cord situation right now)
  • Perhaps a bigger, dedicated built space - but only if our little enterprise turns into a legit media empire